5 Baking Ideas to Make with Mini Eggs

mmmm Mini Eggs

Lets be honest, you could add mini eggs to just about anything.

Popcorn Party Mix

Ok, you don’t actually bake popcorn and this one needs no recipe directions but it’s perfect for a Disney Plus movie night!

Chocolate Pretzel Monster Cookies

Using some kitchen pantry staples this is not your typical cookie and that’s what I like about it! Ingredients and instructions here.


Those look delicious and the presentation is Instagram worthy, here is your step-by-step guide.

Butter Tarts

If you’re my wife, you prefer butter tarts with NO raisins. Let’s do one better and add mini eggs instead. Follow this classic butter tart recipe and enjoy.

Ruffles Treats

Rice Krispie Cereal is typically always the go-to for rice krispy squares but NOT TODAY! Try Ruffles Chips in your marshmallow treat and you can thank me afterwards. Instructions here.