5 places in the world where people live the longest —past 100

If you're looking for a place to retire!

There are places in the world known as the “Blue Zones,” where those who live there seem to defy the aging process.

These Blue Zones possess a playbook for life that involves a harmonious blend of healthy living, strong communities and a sense of purpose…

The Blue Zones were found and named by researchers who wanted to find out the secrets of a long, healthy life.

All these zones seem to have a few things in common. Diet, exercise and strong family bonds…

There are pockets of the globe where residents are not only living longer but also thriving in the process. Enter these regions where centenarians are not the exception, but the norm.


Sardinia, Italy
Okinawa, Japan… (Women hold the crown for longevity)
Loma Linda: a small area in San Bernardino County, California
Nicoya: Costa Rica
Ikaria: A Greek island!