6% Of People Think They Could Beat Up A Grizzly Bear

Do you really think you can take on a GRIZZLY??!!

The website YouGov.com asked 1,200 people which animals they think they could beat in a FIGHT. And 6% . . . think they could take down a GRIZZLY??!!


Here are ten more match-ups, and how we think we’d do . . .


1. Could you beat up a lion? 8% said yes. And this isn’t just a macho guy thing because 7% of women said yes to that one too.


2.  An elephant?  8% said yes.


3.  A gorilla?  Again, 8%.  And 17% think they could beat up a chimp.


4.  A crocodile?  9% said yes.

5.  A wolf?  12%.  And 23% of us think we could take down a large dog.


6.  A kangaroo? 14% think they’d beat a kangaroo in a fight.


7.  An eagle?  So an attack from the air . . . 30% said yes.


8.  A goose?  They’re more aggressive than you think, but 61% said no problem.

9.  A house cat?  69% of us are confident we’d win.


10.  A rat, 72% said yes.