7 In 10 People Remain Loyal To The Brand They Used Growing Up!

We love nostalgia!

The survey revealed seven in 10 (69%) remain loyal to the brands they used growing up. I still love my Buffalo Jeans and Silvers.

People’s favourite brands that often carry into adulthood, include kitchen appliances, recreational products such as sporting goods or camping gear, electronics and office or school supplies.  (All-Star binders were the best)

People listen to their spouses more than anything else regarding what brands are good, beating out third-party reviewers, celebrities and influencers.

Recent changes in brand loyalty were common for office or school supplies, and packaged goods such as soda, snacks, cereal, and recreational products.

Some are willing to go the extra mile for a lifetime supply of their favourite brand’s products or services. 

Forty percent said they would give up social media for a month, 39% would endure household chores for a year and 36% would run a marathon. A third would shave off all their hair or break up with a romantic partner.

Even though people love their favourite brands, that doesn’t mean they won’t consider competitors, especially if they turn out to be better listeners.