72% Of Parents Plan To Go ‘All-Out’ For Halloween To Make Up For Last Year!

It's all or nothing this year!

A poll of 2,000 parents found that many are planning to let their kids stay out longer trick-or-treating to make up for last year!


Two in five parents say they will dec out their house this year to offset the disappointment from last year.


Parents are also willing to drive their kids to a “prime candy” neighbourhood.


It’s not just for the kids, as the average parent eats between four and six pieces of their kid’s candy before Halloween is even over.


The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of HI-CHEW, also revealed half of the parents even take inventory of which neighbourhoods give out the best candy so they can plan where to go trick-or-treating the following year.


81% of kids will eat their entire haul within the first week after Halloween.





  1. The neighbourhood of family or friends – 54%
  2. Urban neighbourhoods – 49%
  3. Apartment buildings – 40%
  4. Retirement communities – 31%
  5. Cul-de-sacs – 27%