77% Of Women Feel More Confident Today Than 10 Years Ago

We've come a long way!

A survey of 2,000 women ages 25 to 40 and 55 to 80 found that 77% feel more confident now than a decade ago.

However, women still feel societal pressure, with 80% feeling like they need to look or act a certain way. 71% of respondents admitted they care what others think or say about them, with top concerns being body shape and size, appearance, and physical health.

The average woman is self-conscious about her body 4 days a week.

Common barriers women face include feeling like they must cover their bodies, fear of aging, and not being taken seriously. 

Seven in 10 women admitted that they care what others think or say about them (71%), feeling more judged than empowered about their body shape/size (38%), appearance (35%) and physical health (31%).

Yet still, the survey found that despite all the challenges they face, 90% of women are proud of their gender!


  1. Feeling like they need to “cover up”/hide parts of their body — 23%
  2. Fear of aging — 20%
  3. Feeling pressured to look/act a certain way — 20%
  4. Trying to be all things to all people —- 19%
  5. Not being taken seriously — 18%


  1. Feeling like their concerns are heard — 20%
  2. Standing up for what they believe in — 18%
  3. Pursuing their personal interests and hobbies — 18%
  4. Taking control of their body/life — 17%
  5. Achieving their work and/or personal goals — 17%
  6. Wearing something that makes them feel good — 17%
  7. Not settling for less than they deserve — 16%
  8. Expressing themselves more freely — 16%
  9. Playing a more active role in their kids’ school(s) — 15% [TIED]
  10. Receiving compliments — 15% [TIED]