9% Of People Have This In Their Wallet!

Do you?

A woman on the internet named Audrey recently opened her wallet and was horrified by how much stuff was inside.

She wanted to know if she was alone, so she listed everything that she was carrying around, and conducted an informal poll online to see how many others had these items in their wallets. 

Here are some of the results:

1.  94% of people have a driver’s license or ID in their wallet.

2.  91% have a debit card in their wallet.  And 87% have a credit card.

3.  9% are still carrying around an old hotel key card.

4.  20% have a coupon to a fast-food place.

5.  75% have at least one membership or loyalty card.

6.  21% carry around an empty Visa gift card.

7.  35% carry someone else’s business card.

8.  25% have an old ticket stub.

9.  15% carry around a Band-aid.

10.  32% have a punch card in their wallet.  And 15% have two punch cards, for the same place, because they forgot they had the first or couldn’t find it.

11.  Only 68% of people have money in the cash section of their wallets.

12.  And 66% of people have an old receipt.