90% of Workers Can’t-Wait To Return To The Office!

People are done working from home!

According to a new poll, nine in 10 workers are excited to head back to work full-time in 2022.



Out of the 803 workers polled, 87% are ready to ditch virtual meetings and cannot wait to head back to their physical workplaces in the new year.

Despite a rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases related to the omicron variant, 48% expect to be back at work in person next year, while 21% don’t see themselves going back to an office.



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So far, only one in seven (14%) of respondents have already returned to a physical workplace.



What People Are Excited About When They Return To Work


  • People Are excited to catch up with their co-workers and meet new ones.
  • Attend in-person meetings
  • Sit and work at their desk again
  • Wear business attire or their job uniform
  • Go out for lunch with co-workers
  • Commuting 



HOWEVER, there are some people who don’t want to return…



Still, two-thirds (66%) said the thought of making small talk with coworkers they haven’t seen physically in a while gives them anxiety.


Sixty percent of respondents even admitted they wish they could permanently work from home to avoid social awkwardness.