A Couple Bought An Old School And Turned It Into A Mansion!

Now they want to sell it!

I spent my entire childhood life trying to get out of school, I can’t imagine living in one.


There’s a real estate listing in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania that’s going viral right now on TikTok.  A couple bought an abandoned elementary school, refurbished it, and turned it into a mansion.  And it can be yours for $2.4 million.


They turned classrooms into bedrooms, an arcade, living rooms, and more.  The old cafeteria is now the kitchen.  They refurbished the gym, so you have an indoor basketball court.  There’s a garage with room for 30 cars. And some of the bathrooms still have urinals in them.

Overall, you get a “house” that’s more than 14,000 square feet on an 11.4-acre lot.


They listed the house last August and haven’t sold it yet . . . but now that it’s getting some publicity, maybe some millionaire will want to buy it?