A Guy Turned Mountain Dew Into Wine With Three Ingredients

It’s easy to do!

Here’s a recipe for Dew it Yourself wine.

A mad food scientist on TikTok who published a video of his winemaking experiment using Mountain Dew is sharing his secret method for any viewers who dare to Dew the brew.

This guy, Charles Biolo said it took about a month to complete.

He documented the entire process in five separate TikTok videos seen about 24 million times.

He explains in the videos that he planned to combine Mountain Dew with honey and yeast-put into a mead kit let it ferment for a few weeks and see what happens…

While it might seem like a lot of sugar at the beginning of the process, Biolo shared that all of it ends up being consumed by the yeast, producing hooch as a result.

He added that the preservatives in the soda, which would prevent the bev from turning boozy, are rendered ineffective at higher pH levels, so Biolo added a bit of baking soda to alkalize the mixture.

To Biolo’s shock, the concoction already started fermenting by day two — but he continued the experiment for another four weeks before adding a clarifying agent for a less cloudy appearance. A few weeks after that, he confirmed that the drink was done.

The wine he created had an estimated alcoholic content of 13.9%.

In another surprise to Biolo, the drink “didn’t taste completely like battery acid” — he described it as a smooth, citrus mead with a “slight chemical aftertaste.”