A HUGE Shout Out To This Amazing LOCAL Group!

I really wish I had a good pun, but these folks are amazing.

I love this story because it’s OUR community helping our community.

(weird sentence but whatever).

A HUGE shoutout to Homemade Masks for Hometown Heroes, Barrie Simcoe North.

This is an amazing Facebook group that was founded by Trish Downey Campell.

The group puts together homemade masks and scrub caps for those on the front lines, health care workers, long-term care folks, and the auto-immune compromised!

Core group of “masketeers” which consists of: Trish, Louise Smith, Kelly Dory, Barb Shopland, and Darlene Botman,

The group has over 500 different volunteers and based off every single post, it’s totally a group and team effort in the best way possible.

So many positive messages, sharing of fabric, and just a general amazing vibe.

An example of their fantastic work!

To date the group  has created 6,739 masks, 468 scrub caps and 296 extenders being delivered to those in need.

Shout out to these amazing folks.

If you want to join the group and help out, here’s the link: