Alberta man is being harassed with pizza!

When you were a kid, did you ever play that prank where you ordered a pizza and had it sent to someone’s house?  Well, this is how you take that prank, to the extreme.  There’s a guy in Canada named Justin Rybicki, and he’s being harassed by endless pizza deliveries.

It’s been happening for the last six months, and he can’t get it to stop.  At first, they were coming from a place called Pizza 73.  The orders are using not only his address but also his email and his phone number.

They are NOT being charged to his card, but the delivery drivers DO get upset when he says he didn’t make the order and sends the pizzas back.

He reported the pizza deliveries to the police from the start because he was spooked by how the scammer was using his personal information in the orders.  He thought maybe he’d been somehow hacked.

The police told him to change his number, so he did.  That didn’t stop the deliveries.  And they don’t just go to his home, they also show up at his work.

He called Pizza 73 and told them not to accept ANY orders under his name, but then the scammer switched to Domino’s. 

If that sounds like dedication, it is.  The scammer is also using technology to manipulate the phone number to make it look like Justin is making the call.

Justin doesn’t know who would do this, he says it can’t be a disgruntled ex because he’s “never dated anyone.”  He adds, “Either someone hates [the pizza places] or they’re getting revenge on me or something.  I have no clue.”

It sounds like there have been around a dozen orders over the past six months, involving more than $1,000 worth of pizza.  Justin says he hopes it isn’t going to waste, and that they’re giving it to people in need.

The police are investigating, and since Justin still doesn’t know why or how he’s being targeted, he’s ramping up the security on his computer.