A Man Is Trying To Collect One Million Copies of Titanic on VHS

His heart will go on!

Growing up, we probably all had that favourite movie that we could just watch over and over and over again. Well, there’s a man in Largo who has taken his love for his favourite movie to the extreme. 

Every time JD adds another VHS copy of Titanic to his collection, he feels like he’s the king of the world.

Ever since his first time watching the two-tape VHS tape back in 1998, JD insists it’s the only way to watch the movie… 

The more people learn about JD’s collection, the more tapes he receives, coming in from all over the world. JD loves the movie so much that he’s trying to collect one million copies on VHS; so far he has 2,467…

Are there still that many left in the world? 

He also has a YouTube channel, TitanicFan 97 where you can watch a video of JD making a Titanic out of all the Titanic.  “I go to sleep thinking about Titanic, and I wake up thinking about Titanic,” said JD.

JD travels all over the country, searching thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales for copies of the movie.

JD also has the largest Titanic Soundtrack CD collection!

If you would like to help JD So his Heart Will Go On… send your VHS copies of Titanic to P.O. Box 5355 Largo, FL 33779.