A new app called BeReal is Considered The ‘Anti-Instagram!

This is awesome!

A new app called BeReal is bringing authenticity back into the social media landscape — and it’s seriously taking off. (Even “SNL” referenced it in a skit this past weekend.)

BeReal was originally launched in December 2019 by a French founder and former GoPro employee.

Since its launch, BeReal has been downloaded more than 43 million times and to date, has grown its user base by an amazing 315%.

The photo-sharing app prompts users once a day to post a photo of whatever they’re doing at that exact moment — and the timing is, seemingly, completely random.

The camera will capture a photo from your smartphone’s front and back camera, switching from the two within seconds.

Users have two minutes to post on time, which will unlock the ability to view their friends’ posts; but users are given the option to post late, too.

The purpose of all this? To show your friends what you’re up to … and “be real” about it.

The app is designed to force users to be authentic by not giving them the ability to create overly curated content.

TikTok has already integrated a new feature called “Now,” which directly mimics BeReal’s functionality.