A New Social Media App is Being Hyped As TikTok for Adults!

The name is lame!

Clapper, a Texas-based company founded by Edison Chen, aims to provide a place where the parents of TikTok users can express themselves.

Chen said he wanted to create a space for the older generation to feel more comfortable.

On the Apple app store, the download is listed as “17+.” The average user age is 35 to 55.

When users download the app, they are presented with a series of “communities,” like “real estate” or “barbecue.”

They are shown content that relates to those communities, and they can filter videos by location.

The platform, which allows for live video and chat, is described in the Apple app store as “one of the fastest-growing social media platforms focused on promoting real lives around the common man.”

“You can see the latest trends and people’s real lives as they unfold, as well as people’s opinions and talents. FREE to use, NO Ads, No BS just Real lives,” the description continues.

Also, the creators are not paid for views, as they are on TikTok. There is also no “adult” content on the app if you know what we mean.

When it launched in 2020, there were fewer than 10,000 active daily users, with that number increasing to 300,000 this year. The app has achieved 4.3 out of 5 stars in the Apple store.

Clapper is available in 40 countries!