A New Survey Reveals The Most-Hated Houseguest Faux Pas Yo Avoid

No going No. 2 in someone else's house!

Now that restrictions are easing, we will soon get to socialize, but do we remember how?  When was the last time you were at a friend’s house inside?


A new poll out of the UK asked 2,000 adults about what people shouldn’t do while visiting.  So, pay attention!


Visit violations include wiping one’s greasy hands on someone’s couch, followed closely by putting one’s feet up on the furniture.

Other faux-pas include, not taking your shoes off when entering someone’s home, swearing, and showing up unannounced.


Other no-no’s while visiting someone’s house, farting and going No. 2.

90% in the survey say it’s super rude for someone to ask for your wifi password because you are there to socialize with other humans, not with people on your phone.