A Quarter Of People Living With Their Partner Are So Smitten, They Are Worried About Separation Anxiety As Restrictions Ease

This lockdown has brought some couples closer together, so close together that they are now worried about being apart from them

The survey of 2,000 adults who live with their other half found 68 percent have “adored” spending more time together over the last year.


Being able to go out walking together topped the list of activities people were able to enjoy more of, followed by talking, eating lunch with each other, and watching box sets.


This newfound time together has now left 24 percent of couples feeling worried about what happens when life returns to normal and they aren’t together all the time.


The survey found that more than a fifth are dreading spending time away from their partner when they go back to work.


And 23 percent admit they will feel jealous of their partner’s friends when they are spending time with them.


While there has been conversations about dogs suffering from separation anxiety when their owners return to the workplace or head out at night, this also appears to be a ‘pet peeve’ for many couples as well.


I wonder if my husband will start to pee on the rug!




1. Walks (46 percent)

2. Talking (40 percent)

3. Eating lunch together (37 percent)

4. Watching box sets (37 percent)

5. Gardening (32 percent)

6. Being able to help each other (30 percent)

7. Lie-ins together (24 percent)

8. Waking up together each morning -(24 percent)

9. Doing DIY (23 percent)

10. Sharing problems (23 percent)