A Quarter Of The Time People Say Thank You, But Don’t Mean It

A quarter of people believe that the art of genuinely thanking someone else is ‘dying out’.

We will say “Thank You” on average 207 a month, but 54 or those “Thank You” aren’t genuine.


Regardless of whether or not a “Thank You” is insincere, a third of people say, it’s better than nothing.  A third of people say they feel ‘upset’ if they don’t get acknowledged for their actions.


63 percent of people in a survey say that good manners are important with half believing that manners make you a better person.


The study found that nearly three in 10 people will text or take to social media to express gratitude for something that someone has done.


One in four will go as far as to purchase a gift to show gratitude.


More than half of those who took part in this survey say that they have become more grateful during this pandemic.


The survey was done because July 4th was a national “Thank you” day!