A Restaurant in Japan is Leaving Customers a Bit Slaphappy

That's not what I ordered?

Imagine going out for dinner, and as an app, you order a slap!

Patrons at an eatery in Japan can pay the waitresses to slap them in the face, and hard.

For the price of 300 Japanese Yen (Or $2 US), stone-faced women will slap the eager customer’s cheeks with a palm over and over again — and some even administer backhanded slaps.

Waitresses sometimes strike the diners so hard that they’re knocked out of their seats.

Both men and women — locals and tourists alike — enjoy the slaps so much that they thank their assailants for the violent service.

There’s just one condition: the waitresses must be female.

However, if a customer wants to request a specific waitress to slap them silly, they must pay a surcharge of JPY 500 ($3.40 USD).