About 44% of Men Are Self-Conscious About This!

Men are not always confortable being labelled "silver fox"

A survey of 2,000 men across all generations looked into how they deal with natural changes to their appearance that come with aging.

It found that most men who have grey hair worry that it makes them look older, and another 42% are concerned about others’ opinions, specifically that they’d be seen as less attractive with grey hair.

While going grey can be something that some start to see as early as their 20s, Gen Xers and baby boomers shared that they weren’t comfortable being grey until they were nearly 50.

Perhaps this is why almost 40% opt to cover it up!

Conducted by OnePoll in partnership with L’Oreal Paris, the survey also found that more than half of American men sometimes feel insecure about their overall looks (56%).

Millennials feel the most self-conscious about their physical appearance (78%) versus 62% of Gen Zers and 55% of Gen Xers.  

The data suggests that men, on average, feel insecure about their looks three times a week, worrying about factors like their weight and how their eyes look.

While nearly two-thirds of all respondents like their overall natural look, over half said they feel less confident when they’re not looking their best.

Half of all men said they put more effort into upkeeping their looks than others may think.

Most men will put in about 30 minutes to try and look their best.

Looking and feeling their best varies across the generations, with Gen Zers prioritizing showering and picking out nice clothes. 

Meanwhile, baby boomers shave and style their hair to get that extra boost of confidence.

It’s no surprise, then, that 61% of respondents said receiving compliments helps them feel more confident.