Adam Levine Allegedly Cheats And Twitter REACTS!

Adam Levine took the stories from "Wake Up Call" and "Beautiful Mistakes" a bit too literal apparently, allegedly having an affair!

Adam Levine is KNOWN as the front man for pop band Maroon 5, and today he trended on Twitter…. for an actual SIN!

According to Instagram model Sumner Stroh, the singer allegedly entangled himself in an affair with her for “at least a year”.

The pair split many months ago.

Earlier this weekend, Levine and his wife Behati Prinsloo announced the soon-to-be arrival of their third child.

The affair? Bad. This part? WORSE.

Allegedly, Levine dm’d Stroh, asking if it was “cool” that he and his wife name their child… SUMMER.


Sumner Stroh shared the entire entanglement story on TikTok and it is… MESSY:

Stroh stated she unfortunately had to come public with the story after a “close friend” leaked the details to an entertainment website.

Internet sleuths were able to find this video of Sumner Stroh, showing she was FULLY aware of what the situation was during the alleged affair:

After the story leaked online, Twitter NATURALLY dragged the Maroon 5 singer:

Many sided with Behati, saying she is the only innocent one in this situation:

Others felt to remind non-fans of weird coincidences in Maroon 5 music videos:

Just a reminder that all of this is ALLEGED. Adam Levine and his wife have not confirmed the rumor or even spoken about it publicly!

Regardless of what happens, this is a terrible situation for Behati Prinsloo Lavine and her children. If this is proven to be true, it could be a FAST divorce.

Life lesson? Don’t write breakup or cheating songs… ABOUT YOUR REAL LIFE!