Adele Confirms New Music is Coming!

Is a full album on the way?

Adele has confirmed the rumours! A new song, “Easy On Me”, comes out October 15th.


New Album

As for a new album, we can only assume it is also on the way.

Fans of Adele have noticed billboards around the world with the number “30”.

Adele, who is 33 years old, has named her previous albums  after the age she was when she recorded the albums.

Fans did even more digging on the singer’s website and found a pre-sale link that isn’t active… YET:

If the speculation is correct 30 will be Adele’s first album in 6 years and her fourth major label record, following 25, 21, and 19.

It’s speculated that the album will drop in November, and we’ve got our fingers CROSSED!

Yesterday, the singer herself even tweeted amidst all the social media chaos:

Do yourself a favour and click on that entire thread from Twitter which they sent while Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were offline for most of the day.