Adults Will Ask For Help And Advice More Than 6,000 Times In Their Lifetime!

We all have the person who we ask for advice!

Whether it’s going to friends for relationship advice, dad when moving house, and mom for parenting tips, it appears- we’re not afraid to ask for help!


A study found that on average, we’ve asked 31 people for help so far in our lifetime.  Over the course of a standard week, they ask for help or advice twice – a total of 104 times a year.

Who are we asking for advice?


  • We’re asking mom for health advice
  • We’re asking dad for financial advice
  • We’re asking friends for relationship advice
  • We’re asking our partner for technology and career advice


The study also found 35 percent said their mom is the most helpful compared to just 13 percent who chose dad. Almost a quarter even admitted their mom will always be their ‘go-to’ in life no matter how old they are.


If mom isn’t around to save the day…52% of people will turn to Google for answers, while 43% of people will watch a YouTube video for answers.