Air Canada Flight Forced To Abort Landing in Toronto and The Reason Is Hilarious!

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Airlines have strict procedures before they can land.  Tray tables and seats must be returned to their upright positions, seatbelts on and everyone seated in their seats.

One Toronto-bound flight was delayed for a somewhat ridiculous reason last month, when Air Canada flight 1199 was forced to abort a landing, due to a passenger needing to use the lavatory!

Back in March, a flight from Miami to Toronto was on its final approach to Pearson when someone needed the bathroom badly. 

The person’s urge to go potty held up the 137 other people hoping to land on time.

An account of the failed landing was shared on YouTube by Real ATC, a channel offering a behind-the-scenes look into the exchanges between air traffic controllers and pilots.

Air traffic control cleared the flight to land, but the pilot told the tower that they would circle once.

The tower then provides a new heading and asks the pilot if they need assistance after the aborted landing. The pilot turns down the offer, explaining, “No, we had a passenger that ran into the toilet on final [approach], so can’t land with that.”

“It happens once in a while,” replies the air traffic controller, telling the pilot, “They’ll bring you back around.”

Social media is having a lot of fun with this after the video of the conversation between the pilot and air traffic was posted to YouTube.

One user pointed out the cost of this bathroom break. 

“I couldn’t find the hourly cost to run an A220 but an A319 is appx US 7000 / hour so assuming an extra 10 mins in the air thanks to bathroom break would be US $1166 or $1600 CAD.”