AI’s Next Terrifying Advancement Is Reading Your Mind

Well, this is terrifying!

This is happening: AI is starting to read minds.

Researchers at the University of Texas Austin have successfully created an artificial intelligence system that “can translate a person’s brain activity” into plain, readable language.

(Do you want to know what I’m thinking?)

There is no surgery or special implant required… The high-tech device uses technology implemented by ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

The breakthrough uses an fMRI scanner in tandem with the decoder to transcribe a person’s thoughts after a cumbersome process.

Although the researchers intend on the technology being used for mentally conscious individuals who can’t speak — like stroke victims — they are well aware of what can happen if this AI is put into the wrong hands.

Admittedly, the AI can’t yet develop a word-for-word translation, but “instead, researchers designed it to capture the gist of what is being said or thought. But researchers admit that the technology has been spot on a lot of the time in trials…