While ChatGPT may be useful some ways, the world may not be ready for this AI technology

So you’ve held off on seeing what our new artificial intelligence overlords can do.  Maybe it’s because you’re holding the line for human society.  Or maybe, it’s because you can’t think of anything they could do for you.

Here are four practical things that real, normal, and non-techy people can use ChatGPT to do.

1.  Anything involving math.  Need to figure out a percentage?  Convert the time zone here to the time in London.  Or even more confusing, in Arizona?  Ask ChatGPT.  It will handle the conversion fast.

2.  Explain complex topics using simple metaphors.  Want to finally understand blockchain?  Or any other complex topic?  Ask ChatGPT to “explain like I’m five“, you can even ask it to use a metaphor for whatever topic you want.

3.  Write your emails for you.  ChatGPT can write emails, or, at least, the first drafts, for you.  There are good email tools out there where you quickly blaze through your emails by prompting ChatGPT on how to respond to each one.

4.  Summarize long documents.  ChatGPT can read long reports for you and give you a summary.  It’s like an intern, minus the neediness.

It’s not all good…

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