Alberta RCMP Dealing With Calls About UFO Sightings

I want to believe!

The pandemic has people spending more time outdoors, which has led to a growing interest in
astronomy and unusual calls to RCMP 911 dispatchers. The Alberta centres received nearly 900,000 calls last year

“We were getting a lot of calls with the SpaceX satellite launches. They’re a very specific pattern in the
sky, they’re not hitting the ground, and we can just explain very quickly to people”

Some are convinced that aliens have already landed and are trying to break into their homes. Evan Davis of Shellbrook, Sask., had his own close encounter while driving to work early in the morning
in late February. A big fireball flash of light. A comet fragment burning up in the Earths atmosphere lit up the early-morning sky over Alberta and Saskatchewan in February.

Winnipeg-based Ufology Research said levitating discs, erratic lights and floating triangular objects increased by 46 per cent in 2020. 1,243 sightings is one of the highest recorded in a single year.