Almost 80 Percent Of People Want “Me Time”

And we’ll do just about anything to get it!

A new survey of 2,000 people found that almost 80 percent say it’s necessary to have “me-time.”  It’s just so hard to achieve!



Also, 70 percent say they will bail on social plans just to hang out with themselves.



Additionally, over 60 percent of people said that they will do almost anything for more “me-time.”

Almost half of the people say that they would listen to the same song on repeat for three days straight if it meant getting more time alone.



The need for “me-time” comes especially around the holidays when people are busy with functions and hosting family.





  1. After cleaning all the dishes post-holiday meal 38%
  2. After wrapping presents 35%
  3. After cooking Thanksgiving dinner 34%
  4. After spending a full day with extended family 33%
  5. After attending a week’s worth of holiday events 31%
  6. After working a full day/week 30%
  7. After a full day of shopping 29%