Almost A Third Of Women Who Went On A Fitness & Weight Loss Kick Lost Weight In All The Wrong Places!

Squats where ever and whenever!

Almost a third of women who went on a fitness drive admitted they had ‘boobed’ and lost weight in all the wrong places.


A survey of 2,000 women who started exercising found that 77% of them, dropped weight but not where they wanted to.


Over half of women wanted to lose fat from their stomachs, but instead, lost weight in their bust. Others were left annoyed after losing weight from their face, legs, and even their bum.


Despite this, 95 percent of those surveyed by health and wellbeing app Jonple said they felt better overall following their exercise and diet change.


Four in 10 of those surveyed via OnePoll did their fitness drive on their own, while a third joined a gym to get fit, 31 percent downloaded fitness apps and 30 percent used YouTube videos to help with their regime.


A third felt self-conscious exercising outside, while 34 percent felt the same at the gym. And almost one in 10 kept their fitness drive secret from loved ones.


Two-thirds also said their personal happiness is linked to how they look – with six in 10 believing men have it easier than women when it comes to body image.