Almost One-Third Of Women Have Never Told Anyone About Their Physical Issues…

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According to new research, almost one-third of women have never told anyone about worrying physical issues…

From weight issues to thinning hair, a recent survey of 2,000 women found that they haven’t spoken to anyone about the issues they’re experiencing.

Beyond weight issues and hair thinning, women also reported concerns about hair quality, acne, cellulite or stretch marks and even chronic fatigue.

But when asked which issues they’re most uncomfortable with, weight issues and hair thinning tied for the number one spot.

At peak discomfort, women have taken matters into their own hands and bought or used products to fix the issue, changed their diet and considered both surgical and non-surgical options.

Women also admit these problems have even forced them to stay home from work or stayed off camera while working remotely and even avoid seeing friends and family.


  • Tell only their doctor – 34%
  • Confide in family/spouse/partner – 33%
  • Confide in a few trusted friends – 27%
  • Not talk about it – 19%
  • Talk about it openly – 18%
  • Join a private support group – 16%
  • Tell only my holistic practitioner – 15%
  • Tell only my cosmetology worker – 15%