Amanda Marshall Talks Retirement, Returning to Music, and Pop Music in 2023

Amy Aust sits down with Amanda Marshall to discuss her retirement from the music industry and her decision to return after almost two decades!

In the early ’90s, Amanda Marshall burst onto the Canadian music scene with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. 

With hits like “Birmingham” and “Dark Horse,” she quickly became one of the most successful musicians of the era. However, after releasing her last album in 2001, Amanda quietly stepped away from the music industry.

But in 2023, Amanda made a surprise announcement: she was returning to music after almost two decades away. Fans were ecstatic, and in this interview with Amy Aust, Amanda opened up about her decision to come back, her thoughts on pop music in 2023, and what fans can expect from her upcoming projects.

During the interview, Amanda spoke about the challenges of returning to the music scene after such a long hiatus. “It’s been a journey,” she said. 

When I left the music industry, I really had no intention of coming back. But over the years, the songs kept coming to me. And finally, I realized that I had to get them out there.”

Amanda also talked about how the creative process has changed since she last released an album. 

Back in the ’90s, making an album was a very different process. We would spend months in the studio, working on every little detail. But now, with technology, you can make an album in your living room. It’s a lot more DIY. But I think that’s exciting in its own way.”

For fans of Amanda Marshall, this interview is a must-watch. But even if you’re not familiar with her music, the conversation offers valuable insights into the creative process, the challenges of returning to a career after a long break.

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