Amazon Prime Members Will Have To Pay More!

This is why we should all shop locally!

And just like that, Amazon is raising the price of its Prime membership in Canada.


If you’re a new member, prices will increase right away.  For existing users, the price jump will kick in next month.


Prime offers members free shipping on many items, access to its Prime Video streaming platform and an array of other perks like 24-hour delivery! 


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Amazon says Prime’s monthly fee will go up to $2 to $9.99 per month, while the annual renewal package will increase by $20 to $99 per year.


This is the first price hike since the service launched in 2013 for Canadian users!  If it makes you feel better, Amazon has raised prices in the US three times already. In February the monthly fee went up to US $14.99 and the annual fee to $139.