AMC Will Start To Charge You More, Depending on Where You Sit

Will Cineplex Be Next?

AMC will soon start charging different prices for movie tickets, depending on where your SEAT is. The good ones in the middle will cost more, while the worst ones, like the front row, will cost less.

The company announced on Monday that if you want the middle seats, it will cost you $2 more. Seats on the front row are considered Value Sightline seats and cost less because they suck. The rest of the seats including the back (which is often considered the best by moviegoers) will remain the same price.

Members of the theatre’s rewards program won’t have to pay the premium. Sightline-priced tickets will apply to all showtimes after 4 p.m. but are not applicable during the company’s $5 Discount Tuesdays.

The new pricing structure has already been rolled out in select markets across the United States and will be implemented at all locations before the end of the year.