Animals That Are Excited To See You At The Zoo!

Stay clear of the Ostriches!

A trip to the zoo is always filled with fun for the little ones, but have you ever wondered if the animals are excited to see you too?

Well, a recent study in England, “The Impact of Visitors on Non-Primate Species in Zoos: A Quantitative Review” looks at just that. 

Zoo Animals That Like To See Humans

Out of the 250 species observed, most seemed indifferent to human presence. 

However, there were a few that seemed to thrive when surrounded by big groups of people. The most notable of these were elephants, who were found to be more active and less bored when visitors were around. 

Other animals that seemed to enjoy human company include penguins, cheetahs, prairie dogs, cockatoos, grizzlies, and polar bears.

Zoo Animals That DO NOT Like To See Humans

On the other hand, some animals didn’t seem to like it when people were around. Ostriches, in particular, were found to be unhappy when humans were nearby. Certain reptiles, hedgehogs, and marsupials like kangaroos were also on the list of animals that didn’t appreciate human presence.

The Point Of The Study

The researchers stressed that it’s important not to hold it against these animals. The study’s main objective was to see if different enclosures could make the animals more comfortable. Some animal enclosures had better living conditions than others, which may explain why certain animals didn’t seem to enjoy having people around.