Annoying Things People Base Their Personality Around!

Do you have a thing that defines your personality?

I bet you know at least one person who belongs on this list:  Someone on Reddit asked people to name annoying things people willingly let define them and base their whole personality around.

For example, “Disney adults” brag about how obsessed they are. 

Here are a few more that people came up with.

1.  Being a sports fan.  A lot of guys are guilty of that one, but women do it too.

2.  Your job.  Then your whole identity is rocked if you ever LOSE that job.

3.  Politics.  And sometimes specific politicians.

4.  Where you live.  Being proud is one thing, but some people take it too far.

5.  The generation you’re from.  We tend to use it to define OTHER people too.

6.  Shows and movies.  Like Harry Potter fans who won’t shut up about how they’re a Hufflepuff, and that means they’re more empathetic.

7.  Crypto.  That’s a recent one that annoys a lot of people.

8.  Exercise.  Like people who frame their whole life around CrossFit.

9.  Your car.  Like, “I’m a Chevy guy” or “I’m a Tesla owner.”