Do you really like christmas music?

Let’s be honest, not everything about the holidays is awesome, unless you’re, like, seven years old.  Some things just feel like more trouble than they’re worth.

A website recently suggested various “Christmas traditions”, and then asked people whether they’re still gung-ho about it, if it’s just so-so, or if it’s something that they secretly despise.

Thousands of people weighed in, and these were the responses:

1.  Secret Santa . . . 54% of people are still enthusiastic about it.

2.  Snow . . . 42% love it.  (The definition of “traditions” is a little loose.)

3.  All presents must be opened on Christmas Day.  No exceptions.  41% are hardcore about this.  (Despite this being a logistical nightmare for some.)

4.  Christmas music.  41% think it’s great.

5.  Christmas movies.  41% of people need to watch them this time of year.

6.  Christmas carols.  36% of people would go out and subject others to their singing to feel the Christmas spirit.

7.  Christmas decorations.  29% of people are still enthusiastic about it.

8.  Hosting Christmas parties.  27% want to entertain over the holidays.

9.  “I’m offended if someone says they don’t like Christmas.”  26% of people take the holiday that seriously.

10.  Ugly Christmas sweaters.  25% are still obsessed with this.

11.  Baking cookies.  25% love that.

12.  Putting Christmas trees up before Thanksgiving.  21% just can’t wait.

13.  Christmas family photos.  14% of people are really into it.

14.  All Christmas shopping is done by Black Friday.  14% do this.

15.  Making Christmas cards.  11% of people not only send out Christmas cards, but they apparently “make” them.  (Where do you find the time??)