Are We Over Halloween? New Poll Finds That Less Than Half Of Canadians Plan To Hand Out Candy This Year!

Kids are going to have to work harder for their treats!

Kids may be ready to go trick-or-treating this year, having missed out last year due to the pandemic, however; kids may find less people willing to shell out.



A new study by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies found that well over 90 per cent of respondents whose kids trick-or-treated last year intend to have them go candy hunting again this Sunday. 



But the online survey suggests fewer than half of Canadians will open their doors to trick-or-treaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Of the 56 per cent who checked no, half said they would typically dole out candy on Halloween. Leger executive vice-president Christian Bourque says some parents who kept their kids at home last year may allow them to hit the pavement on October 31st, given the high vaccination rates now versus the absence of vaccines a year ago. 



Conducted October 22nd to 24th, the online poll surveyed 1,512 Canadians and cannot be assigned a margin of error because internet-based polls are not considered random samples.