Are You A Football Flirt?

Are you a football flirt?

A football flirt is a person who can go months, even years without caring what’s happening in soccer. (Charlie’s husband is a soccer Flirt)



But as soon as the Euros and World Cup come around, it’s on.  Football flirts are making plans to watch the games in their old neighbourhoods, canceling other plans and suddenly they are experts on the game.



So why do people suddenly get so interested in a sport that they don’t typically care for day-to-day? Experts have outlined a couple of key reasons why these football flirts emerge during important tournaments:



One expert says it’s in our nature.  People want to be a part of a community, a common goal, and, on this occasion, it just happens to be a soccer tournament.

It’s also about shared experience and pride.  ‘In a similar way to supporting your country at the Olympic Games, the World Cup and Euro games offer a chance to connect with others, socialize, and share excitement about the prospect of “our country” winning.



If you aren’t usually interested in football, it’s not necessary the game itself that matters, but more the opportunity to share the collective group excitement.