Are You TATT?

This is a medical acronym for ‘Tired All The Time’

One in five people will visit their doctor because they are suffering from tiredness and fatigue. Doctors usually run blood tests to rule out medical issues like thyroid or anemia. 



While there are many conditions that can cause fatigue, it more often than not comes down to someone’s lifestyle with stress being the underlying issue.



We’re basically causing ourselves to feel drained because of the way we choose to live our lives. While we need a little stress in our lives to motivate us, however, if not managed properly, it can turn into TATT!


A few tips to help you avoid TATT!



It’s imperative that we learn to make time for ourselves. Without it, there is little chance we will reduce the daily stress that bogs us down.



Ever heard of the saying, ‘less is more? Doing less will make you happier because ultimately, you will have less to be stressed about.



Poor sleep remains one of the biggest contributors to stress. We are working longer and harder than ever before and are always on call via our phones.



Making poor choices when it comes to food and drink will only zap your energy.  Caffeine and sugary foods will only get your blood sugar levels fluctuating, causing feelings of stress and anxiousness.



When you’re tired, it’s very tempting to skip exercise, but being active for just 20 minutes a day can reduce fatigue, improve alertness and concentration, and bat away stress.