Australian Woman Wakes Up From Surgery Speaking With Irish Accent

This sounds like the plot of a bad rom-com

Here’s the deal, last month, 28-year-old Angie Yen of Brisbane, Australia had her tonsils removed.


 Nine days later, she woke up one morning to take a shower, when she started singing as she normally does.


You can imagine her shock when, instead of her normal, Australian accent, she sounded like she was singing in a “foreign accent” that sounded “very Irish.” Yen told, “When I started singing I was singing in a different sound and also talking words in a funny accent.”


She called a friend who revealed that she might be suffering from “Foreign Accent Syndrome” (FAS). Fearing a stroke, which is often associated with FAS, she went to the hospital. However, she was discharged after showing no other signs of illness.


She said, “They couldn’t do anything, I was normal. I just sounded different and (they said), ‘you’re still healing from your surgery so maybe your vocal cords are damaged.”


The additional test will be done including an MRI to see if there is any way to alleviate the effects of FAS.