Average Person Enjoys Over 100 Extraordinary Days a Year!

120 days of awesome!

A third of your month is bound to be ‘extraordinary,’ according to a new study.

The poll of 2,000 adult wine drinkers found the average person has 10 extraordinary days per month — 120 every year.

Three in four (74%) believe living a joyful lifestyle is subjective and unique to everyone. 

However, many agreed on what defines a joyful life: feeling happy, being healthy, having positive personal and family relationships and feeling comfortable.

The survey, commissioned by Santa Margherita and conducted by Talker Research, aimed to figure out exactly how often adults treat themselves and which occasions call for indulgences the most.

Results found half believe “any day is a good day” to treat themselves, and they enjoy spending their most joyful days with family and friends (62%). 76% of people said they prefer sharing their joyful feelings whenever possible.

People are most likely to treat themselves to something nice during their birthday (66%), although many others believe they should treat themselves while on vacation (59%) or if they’re having a good day (48%).

Sixty-one percent consider a nice meal the perfect treat for an extraordinary day, alongside a nice beverage. According to them, the most indulgent beverages are red wine, white wine, and beer.

Over seven in 10 (71%) said indulgences like these are best shared with others — especially their significant others, family members and close friends.