Baileys Gets A Head Start On Summer With A New Pina Colada Cocktail!

One of the trademark drinks of summer!

Baileys is bringing us a Pina Colada cocktail for a limited time because this summer we deserve something special!


“Why wait for summer? Vacation starts NOW with the twist of the cap of NEW Limited Edition #BaileysColada,” the liqueur company wrote across its social media platforms last week.


According to the company, the new adult beverage offers a milk-base that blends with the brand’s traditional Irish Cream, also incorporates coconut and pineapple flavours.


Drinkers can also expect a boozy kick, considering its reported alcohol-by-volume percentage is 17%.


Baileys is recommending its Colada Irish Cream Liqueur be served over ice, in a blended cocktail, or on top of vanilla ice cream.