Barbie Botox Is The Latest Cosmetic Trend!

Why Not!

A cosmetic procedure garnering praise for its neck-slimming capabilities, which are said to mimic the shoulder profile of the world-famous doll is all the rage right now on TikTok!

But what is Barbie Botox exactly? And why are so many people requesting the procedure? Here’s what experts say about the trend that’s racked up over 2 million TikTok views and counting.

What is Barbie Botox?

Also known as trapezius Botox or “Trap Tox,” Barbie Botox is a term popularized by social media creator Isabella Lux. 

It refers to the injection of Botox — an FDA-approved neurotoxin that works by inhibiting muscle contraction — into the trapezius muscle between the neck and shoulder.

While it can relieve neck tension, the biggest drivers of the Barbie Botox trend seem to be aesthetic, as it relaxes the shoulder muscles, giving the appearance of an “elongated neck and softened shoulders,” similar to that of a Barbie

Although the cosmetic procedure might be trending now for Barbie-related reasons, experts say the use of neurotoxin injections for pain relief has been around for decades.

For pain relief or prettiness, it will cost you!  Be prepared to shell out between $900-$1500!

Today I’m about 30% botox
30% fillers
5% coffee
35% full of sh**!