Barrie Family Has Holiday Inflatables Slashed by Vandals, Community Steps Up To Replace Them!

What a grinch!

What is this world coming to?

According to reports, Lori and Andrew Carter said they woke up Wednesday morning to find all but one of their holiday inflatables slashed.

The family has been building an extravagant Christmas display in their year for four years.

This investment has cost them hundreds of dollars to create a display for the neighbourhood.

The Carters told CTV Barrie that one week after putting the display up, some grinches slashed a seven-foot tall Santa, two inflatable baby Yodas, a wiener dog and other inflatables.

The family has called the cops who are now looking for tips from the community. 

With Christmas just a few weeks off, the Carter family is trying to determine whether they should continue their yearly tradition or scrap it altogether! 

But the community has stepped up in a big way! Andrew Carter posted this pic on Facebook via the Barrie Concerned Citizens page. That’s to an anonymous person, the Carter family can continue their holiday tradition!

PHOTO CREDIT Lori Emms-Carter/Facebook