Barrie’s Community Fridge Needs Your Help

They need funds to pay for the rent on the walk-in fridge.

Barrie’s Community Fridge is a local initiative to help fight food insecurity in our city. This fridge is making it easier than ever for people to share and receive the food they need with the “Take what you need/ Give what you can” model. Anyone in need can go to the fridge to get food, which included canned and fresh food, all donated by the community. It is open 24/7.

The project is at risk of losing the refrigerated unit, which is located at 9 Churchill Drive in Barrie. Since March, the fridge had been donated on loan but the loan has come to an end.

Ayanna Cabrera says “Since we began operating in March, the fridge has consistently been restocked each and every week giving all our neighbours not only some relief but some good food! We have grown significantly since we started and we now receiving hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetables and other items weekly, this is something that would decrease significantly if we were to lose this unit.”

The group announced on Monday June 28th, that they were at risk of losing the refrigerated unit within 24 hours unless they could raise money for the rental.  If you would like to donate, CLICK HERE to get to the GoFundMe page.

Images: Barrie’s Community Fridge/ Facebook