Battle of The Joshes Took Place This Weekend

Josh Won and Thousands was Raised for Charity

It started a year ago in an unsolicited group chat.

April 24th, 2020, Josh Swain, a college student from Arizona, found all the Josh Swains he could find on Facebook and invited them to a fight. He sent the other Joshes coordinates for Lincoln, Nebraska, and said “we fight, whoever wins gets to keep the name, everyone else has to change their name, you have a year to prepare, good luck.”

This past weekend, the Josh Swains,  Joshes with other last names, and even some not-Joshes, assembled and battled it out … with pool noodles and rock/paper/scissors.

After the battle, the organizer Josh Swain declared a 4-year old Joshua Vinson Jr,  nicknamed “Little Josh”, the ultimate Josh and crowned him with a paper crown from Burger King. 

The event wasn’t just for people named Josh to have fun. People donated about 200 to 300 pounds of food for the Food Bank of Lincoln and, through The Official Josh Swain Fund, raised more than $8,000 for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation in Omaha.


In a sweet twist of fate, the little Josh who won had suffered from seizures when he was two and was treated at the children’s hospital. His father told a reporter that he felt it was ‘meant to be’ after finding out that the same hospital was to benefit from the event.


It’s amazing what came from what I can only assume was a random joke during quarantine!

Image: Josh Swain/ Twitter