‘Beer Goggles’ Are Real And Amazing Says Biomedical Engineer

Don't get drunk when looking for a partner!

It’s explained in a TikTok video!


Medicine and biomedical engineer recently took to TikTok explaining why getting a little wasted boost the beauty of basic faces at the bar.


Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, a one-time NASA astronaut hopeful-turned-social-media superstar, pointed to a scientific study on the effects alcohol had on the perception of heterosexual college kids. The research, conducted in 2003, sought to determine how booze reshaped their sexual attraction.


The study found when it came to rating the attractiveness of other people, women found men a bit more attractive, but men found women a whole lot more attractive.


This is called ‘Facial Attractiveness Index’ or ‘beer goggles.’


@drkarlWhy are people more attractive when you are (slightly) drunk. ##drkarl ##drkarlkruszelnicki ##science ##beer

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