‘Big Bang Theory’ Actress Reveals Lung Cancer Diagnosis

She's doing well!

‘It’s really weird because I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life so uh, you know, it was a surprise’

Big Bang Theory actress Kate Micucci has revealed that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Micucci is 43 years old and shared a video on TikTok from the hospital after undergoing surgery….

She told followers that everything was “all good,” noting that doctors “caught it really early.”

“Hey everybody, this is not a TikTok, it’s a ‘Sick Tok,’” Micucci said. “I’m in the hospital but it’s because I had lung cancer surgery yesterday. They caught it really early.”

Micucci played Lucy, Raj’s love interest on the hit sitcom.  Micucci had a recurring role as Lucy in seasons 6, 7 and 10 of the CBS sitcom. She has also appeared in episodes of Scrubs, Till Death, Raising Hope, How I Met Your Mother, Malcolm in the Middle, and others.

According to the Mayo Clinic, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide.

People who smoke have the greatest risk of lung cancer, but the disease can also occur in people who have never smoked.

Other celebrities who battled lung Cancer (but never smoked) included Save By The Bell Star, Justin Diamond; he sadly died in 2021 of the disease and Kathy Griffin who is now a survivor.