Level Up Your Date Night With The Ultimate 2-Player Board Games

Are you over going out on the town for date night? Overpaying for dinners in […]

Are you over going out on the town for date night? Overpaying for dinners in venues where you can’t even hear each other talk? Do you prefer quiet nights playing a board game that leaves your relationship feeling fulfilled? Well then, we made you a list of our favourite board games for 2 players. 

Put them into your next game night and watch the memories pile up!

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Players: 2-4
Play time: 3-15 min 

Tinderblox is a fast-paced game where players are stacking logs on a fire. Sounds easy, right? The problem is, the logs are tiny and you have to use tweezers (supplied) to build your fire.

As if that wasn’t hard enough. Each player has to flip a challenge card for the pattern to add to the fire, with curveballs like using your non-dominant hand coming every so often. 

The best part about this game is the convenient size, so you can play this game anywhere! Test your nerves by building the fire as high as you can. Don’t be the one to knock the fire over! 

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Battle

Players: 2-4
Play Time: Variable 

Harry Potter fans can live the battle of Hogwarts in this cooperative game. Start as your favourite young character. Then, build your deck of cards with spells, allies, and items to defeat all the villains and save your school! 

Be careful though. Dark Arts and villains are ruthless in this game and will stop at nothing to overtake the school.

Our favourite part about this game is the expansions. With so many ways to play, this game will become a staple in your game nights. 

Pro Tip: Add to the atmosphere of this board game by playing the movie soundtracks with dim lighting.


Players: 2-4
Play Time: 30-45 min

Step into the life of an Artisan and craft a masterpiece for the Royal Palace. Azul is a tile-laying game where players compete to create the most valuable piece of art. 

Complete patterns and columns to collect points. But be careful not to take more tiles than you need! Penalties for overstock can take precious points away from you. The player who has the most points at the end wins! 

We love this game because it’s easy for beginners to learn on the go, which eliminates many of the hard feelings that competitive games can bring.


Players: 2-4
Play Time: 10-15 min

If you love quick plays, you should try Ouch! It’s a fast-paced card game made for people who love to laugh (A LOT) during a game. Players collect sets of cards while having unexpected and hilarious changes thrown at them by their opponents.

It’s a great light-hearted game that’s fun for EVERYONE, whether you win or lose. So, get ready for a game that’s as much about laughing as it is about strategy!


Players: 2-5
Play Time: 15 min

This game is like a lively climb up a ladder. You’re dealt a hand of cards. But they’re a bit tricky; they each have two values, and you can’t go switching them around in your hand. 

But here’s where it gets interesting – you can pass your turn to grab a card from the high-set pile. There are 45 cards, and they’ve got all possible combos of the numbers 1-10. When you’re setting up, mix up the cards and maybe give them a little spin. Once everyone’s got their hand, no shuffling the cards! You can flip your hand to use the other values on the cards but don’t mess with the order. It’s all about the card dance.

You got it?

Whether you like your board game to be competitive or cooperative. Any of these games will make your next game night one to remember!