Booze Can Affect Your Swimmers, Guys!

It only takes one- this term is two-fold in this case!

One alcoholic drink a day reduces fertility success in men by 9%, says study

New research reveals that just one alcoholic drink a day can reduce a man’s chances of conceiving.

Researchers conducted a study with 27,000 adults who underwent fertility treatment and found that live births fell by 9% in men who drank seven alcoholic beverages, or 84g of alcohol a week, compared with people who drank no alcohol.

This means that drinking just one alcoholic drink a day can reduce fertility success when undergoing treatment by a whole tenth.

According to the study, alcohol affects fertility in men by reducing the number of sperm they have, as well as altering the size, shape and motility of the sperm.

Alcohol can also result in improper implantation in the womb, increasing the chances of early pregnancy loss.

Alcohol doesn’t do a great deal of good for women undergoing fertility treatment either but, according to this new research, their chances decrease by a smaller percentage.

In women who drank 84g of alcohol, the chances of pregnancy fell by 7%.

The author of the study, said ‘Couples should be aware some modifiable lifestyle factors such as drinking habits may affect their fertility treatment outcomes.’

He adds that ‘modifiable lifestyle factors such as smoking and habitual alcohol drinking may contribute to production and exposure of ROS.